Aid Stations

There are five aid stations along the half marathon course. Locations and supplies:

  • Mile 3.2: Water, Gatorade, Vaseline, Band Aids
  • Mile 5: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Vaseline, Band Aids
  • Mile 7: Water, Gatorade, Vaseline, Band Aids
  • Mile 9.5: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Vaseline, Band Aids
  • Mile 11.5: Water, Gatorade, Oranges, Vaseline, Band Aids

The 3-mile Fun Run will have an aid station at approximately Mile 2.

Runner No-Nos

  • Use of headphones is discouraged. The majority of the course is open to traffic. Be aware of your surroundings--both vehicles and approaching runners.
  • No dogs or strollers are permitted. You will be disqualified.
  • No support "vehicles" such as bicyclists or scooters to keep you company. This policy is to ensure a level playing field and keep you and other runners safe.  You will be disqualified if you have support on the course other than what's provided by the race.

Medical Support

  • If you need medical assistance at any time before, during or after the race, notify one of the race volunteers or officials.
  • Middlebury Regional EMS (MREMS) and Middlebury Police will be roving the course in  cars, ambulances, and on bicycle. Contact them if you need to pull off the course and/or need a ride back to the start/finish area.
  • MREMS' support trailer is located in the start/finish area to provide first aid.
  • A sag wagon/sweep vehicle will follow the last runner. They can give you a ride back to the start/finish area.

Traffic Control

Traffic control at road closures, key intersections and parking areas are staffed by a combination of Middlebury Police officers, the Addison County Sheriff's Department and volunteers. They are there for the safety of runners, spectators and vehicles. Be courteous and respectful.

Time Cutoff--Half Marathon

This is not a walking event!

To ensure the safety of our runners and volunteers and to re-open closed roads, there will be a time cut off. If a runner hasn’t reached the 7 mile mark by 10:30 a.m., we cannot guarantee support through the remainder of the course--meaning aid stations will close, you will not be officially timed, and the sweep vehicle will move up to the next runner.  Runners may be asked to remove themselves from the course or be picked up by the sweep vehicle.